Niche SEO Glossary

I might use some of the terms listed on this page differently than other SEO types, so consider my Niche SEO Glossary as the definitive source of definitions for niche marketing (at least while using this site!) 🙂

Is there a difference between keyword discovery and keyword research?

I think so, my spin on the difference is as follows.

Keyword Discovery The process of determining the words and phrases that people use to find something on the web. Once keywords have been determined, keeping the in a list (Excel spreadsheet, database) for use in your web pages, social media posts, anchor text on links, etc.

Keyword Research The process of determining search volume, competition, average PPC, etc of the keywords you found during the discovery process. The data collected during the research phase will help you determine priority of your keywords (which ones should you focus on vs drop?).

Other Key Terms Used In Niche SEO

Top Of Funnel Content (TOFU)

Top Of Funnel Content is created to attract people that are in the “top of your funnel”, they are critical part of your target market but are not ready to buy yet. They are doing general online research related to your niche. These are people that want to learn more about the “what, how, why or when” of a niche. TOFU content is made up of things like “How to” guides, price comparisons, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages, etc.