Finding Affiliates Can Be a Challenge

I’ve been selling products on Gumroad for a few years both as a creator and an affiliate marketer.

The easiest way to get people to promote your products for you is to let your customers know that you will pay them a commission if they refer people.

But that can be a hard way to get going if you’re just starting out.

How will people discover your products?

More importantly, how will people that generate revenue off their blogs (affiliate marketers) find your products and know that you offer commissions to affiliates?

That’s why I created NicheHQ.

I work hard to promote this site to people that can help you promote your products.

I’m active on Twitter, Medium, and several niche blogs related to content marketing, blogging, and writing.

I’m getting more traffic here, and it doesn’t cost you anything to add your product to my database of affiliate products.

Add your product by providing me with your name, contact email, product name, and links to both your product (so people can check it out) and your affiliate application.

Remember: NicheHQ is only for content creators that are selling something like an ebook, course, or subscription service that they have personally created.