What is NicheHQ?

NicheHQ is a site I built to help creators promote their products and find affiliates.

It’s solving two problems I have:

  1. I create products that I sell on Gumroad. And while Gumroad has “discoverability” via the site itself, users need to know what they are looking for. I’m not sure I’ve sold anything on Gumroad to anyone I’ve not driven there myself.
  2. I write on a few different platforms and promote products as an affiliate. Finding awesome products to promote is a constant challenge.

How much does it cost to add my product to NicheHQ?

Adding a product to NicheHQ doesn’t cost anything.

Gratis. No charge.

You pay nothing to add your product to my database of affiliate products. It will be listed on the site as soon as I validate the information you submit to me.

However, the following criteria must be met:

  1. It must be a product that you have created.
  2. You must be accepting affiliates and offer a commission for each sale.

If your product meets these criteria, I will add it to my database.

Reminder: NicheHQ is not a place for you to SELL things as an affiliate.

NicheHQ is a place for affiliates to find products to promote.

I’ll be doing my magic on the backend.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Once added to my database, you will have a good old link (meaning I don’t “nofollow” links to your product) from NicheHQ to your product page and your affiliate application page. Does link juice pass, or even matter, anymore? Who knows, Google tweaks the rules all the time.

But the one constant in the blogging/SEO world is this: Good content matters.

I don’t do any spammy crap to get visitors to NicheHQ and I won’t do any spammy crap to send visitors your way.

It’s all legit and a way to help each other out as creators.

Have any questions?

Hit me on Twitter and I’ll answer if I can!